Patriot PC Package $399.99

The Patriot Plate Carrier from Shellback Tactical is a great quality low profile carrier that is made in America.  The cummerbund will accept IIIA inserts (5.5x13.5) which is basically the entire cummerbund.   You can also add side plates with an additional pocket sold separately.   

The package includes:

Patriot Plate Carrier

(2) NIJ Level III+ ATP Plates

NIJ Level III+ Armor Packages (AR600)

Sentry III+ Package $289.99

The Condor Sentry Plate Carrier has great minimalist design, meaning it is high speed and low drag.  The Sentry is very comfortable due to its thick removable shoulder pads and mesh lining to keep you cool.  The front and rear both have universal molle webbing system and also velcro for patches.  

The package includes:

Sentry Plate Carrier

(2) NIJ Level III+ ATP Plates

CPC III+ Package $259.99

The CPC Plate Carrier features easy on off buckles at the shoulder and waist making this carrier ideal for quick response to an active shooter situation.  The Carrier features the same molle and velcro as our other carriers.  The carrier is lined with molded foam to help with comfort.

The package includes:
CPC Plate Carrier

(2) NIJ Level III+ ATP Plates

The Viper Pro Plate Carrier by Patriot Armor is the worlds most versatile carrier. 

- Adjustable plate pocket accepts any range of plates from 11x14 to 10x12

- Removable cummerbund accepts 6x6, 6x8 side plates, or 5.5x13.5 IIIA Inserts

- Side pocket will accept Condor triple mag inserts 

- Extra thick removable shoulder pads

- Velcro loop panel for ID/Patches on the front and rear

- 3d Mesh lined interior  keeps you cool

- NTOA recommended in 2016 and featured in Ballistic Magazine recently!

The package includes:

(2) NIJ Level III+ ATP Plates

Viper Pro III+ Package 379.99

The NIJ level III+ ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) plates utilize the industry's armor grade AR600 steel available.  They are capable of stopping up to a .308 AND the infamous M193 at up to 3200 fps. They have a option for Spall Build Up Coating that is recommended to help defeat bullet fragmentation.