What is Spall?

Spalling can occur when a bullet hits hard steel armor.  The bullet can fracture upon impact into tiny shards of metal that fly out at high pressure. It is these shards of bullet that cause injury or even death.

What is Patriot Spall Guard?

Patriot Spall Guard is a proprietary protective coating that was designed for blast spall absorption.  Patriot Spall Guard enters a high energy flexibility state during the milliseconds of impact and then returns to it's original state.  This means that the spall is caught and contained and that the material has self healing properties.   

Patriot Spall Guard was developed specifically for the defense industry by a team of scientists that is 30 years in the making.  You will know it's true Patriot Spall Guard due to the green color which is unique to the industry.  

This is not the industry standard truck bed liner that other companies use.   

Base coat Vs Build up

All of our steel plates come coated in Patriot Spall Guard.  The base coating will minimally protect you from harmful spalling.  It will not contain the spall, but it will redirect the spall away from the wearer.  The base coated plates are just over a 1/4 inch thick and weigh approximately 7.9lbs.  Our build up plates are approximately 1/2inch thick and weigh about 8.9lbs. The build up plates are designed to encapsulate spall as well as reduce back-face deformation.    

Patriot Spall Guard

Spall (Bullet Fragments)