The core of our ultimate trauma pad is made of Shocktec foam, a visco-elastic polymer designed to withstand high velocity detonation in its use in bomb blankets. This is a truly one of a kind phase changing material that has been tested by the DoD and DOJ and has shown an ability to dissipate up to 87.5% of impact energy!

The best part about this material is that it has unlimited compressions and so will not lose efficiency after intense use. Shocktec has also been shown never to compress more than 67% of its original thickness on impact and to instantaneously return back to its original form. It is also the only material tested that showed an ability to stop ceramic shards sent into it from the impact into a ceramic plate.

In testing along with D30, Gpact and others this material consistently performed the best at dissipating impact energy. Patriot Armor has utilized this technology in our ultimate trauma pad to drastically reduce the impact energy transferred to the subject wearing hard plate armor.

Whether your armor is flexible or hard and no matter what material it is made from, these trauma pads will drastically decrease blunt force trauma sustained and chance of serious injury resulting from ballistic impact.​​

Patriot Armor Ultimate Trauma Pads

Trauma Pads offer no ballistic resistance.  They are not body armor.

Starting at $39.99